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Bio: A research study released in April 2020 took a look at a current example, the popular movie Joker (2019 ), which represents the protagonist as an individual with psychological disease who ends up being incredibly violent. The research study found that viewing the movie "was related to higher levels of bias towards those with mental illness." Additionally, the authors suggest, "Joker may exacerbate self-stigma for those with a mental disease, causing delays in help looking for." The stigma of psychological health problem is universal.

A current comprehensive review of research study found that self-stigma results in unfavorable results on healing among people diagnosed with severe psychological illnesses. Effects can consist of: decreased hope lower self-confidence increased psychiatric symptoms problems with social relationships minimized possibility of staying with treatment more problems at work A 2017 research study involving more than 200 people with mental disease over a duration of 2 years discovered that higher self-stigma was related to poorer recovery from psychological illness after one and two years.
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