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Bio: A study released in April 2020 looked at a current example, the popular film Joker (2019 ), which represents the protagonist as a person with mental disorder who ends up being incredibly violent. The study discovered that viewing the movie "was associated with higher levels of prejudice toward those with mental disorder." In addition, the authors recommend, "Joker might intensify self-stigma for those with a mental disorder, resulting in delays in aid seeking." The preconception of mental disorder is universal.

A current substantial review of research study discovered that self-stigma causes unfavorable impacts on healing amongst individuals diagnosed with serious mental disorders. Results can include: decreased hope lower self-confidence increased psychiatric symptoms difficulties with social relationships reduced probability of sticking with treatment more difficulties at work A 2017 research study involving more than 200 individuals with mental disorder over a period of two years discovered that greater self-stigma was related to poorer healing from mental disorder after one and two years.
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