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Bio: Spain Seed marketplace size, marketplace segmentations by open pollinated, cross types and genetically altered seed products, by crop type , by market source and by market structure .

Spain's economic transformation within the 1960s and in the first 1 / 2 of the 1970s caused great outmigration from non-urban areas.

As Spain grew to become even more industrialized, the declining talk about of agriculture throughout the market was evidenced by its declining share from the GDP.

The talk about of exports of product group 2005 in product sales of commodity team from Spain elevated by 0.27 p.p.

Spain accounted for 37.6 per cent of the total global volume of exported lettuce in 2015, making it the undoubtedly the world's largest marketplace for the vegetable.

Spain's citrus groves, all under irrigation, had been focused in Mediterranean coastal provinces, the Levante, primarily in a small coastal remove 500 kilometers long extending through the province of Castellón towards the province of Almería.
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